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neo Wheelbase

neo Wheelbase

The neo’s unique telescopic width adjustment and Stainless steel construction ensure durability, longevity and re-usablity.  It is extremely popular with NHS Wheel Chair services and Companies providing specialist seating and wheel-base solutions.

​neo is tilt-in-space and ideal to be used with a wide range of custom seating options and interfaces, and comes complete with a range of affordable accessories.

Width adjustable - making it extremely versatile.  It can grow with the occupant or the wheel base can be adjusted by a trained technician for a new occupant.  This, coupled with Stainless Steel parts ensures that the wheel base has an extremely long life and can be re-used numerous times. 

Inventory can be reduced: saving cash flow and storage space.  Rather than having several width variants on the shelf, One neo can be adjusted from 37cm wide to 50cm wide!


  • Quick to dispatch.  From order receipt to delivery our average lead time is two weeks.  Spare parts and accessories are delivered faster.
  • Compatible.  As Product Development evolves we ensure that all new accessories are compatible with all neos past, present and future.
  • Competitively priced.  We do not use the services of a dedicated sales force, the neo tends to be chosen by practitioners who know the product.  This in turn keeps prices low. Prices remain unchanged since 2017
  • We offer comprehensive ‘free’ training to Rehab engineers and approved repairers on adjusting and setting of neo Wheelbases

    The above features mean that the neo is a very popular and cost effective wheelbase, both at initial purchase and during extended life of the product.
Neo Wheelbase hero image taken from the back

Order Process

A streamline ordering process with our step-by-step prescription form allows quick component selection to suit your client's needs. We worked hard to make the ordering process simple, while giving a range of highly-configurable options.

  • Simply specify the client measurements and wheelbase, select the components you require and we will do the rest. We will determine the optimum size for the system to suit your client.
  • Custom the system further by specifying sizes of components on the prescription form.
  • Specify custom sizes for components where required.
  • Specify a complete custom build of one or more components by providing a drawing.